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Here in the Silicon Valley, hybrid cars and solar panels are signs of environmental awareness. Let us apply this same forward-thinking outlook to your irrigation system. With minimally invasive techniques, we can remove and replace your old, inefficient sprinkler system. By marrying the most efficient water delivery methods with smart-clock technology, you can have a home that truly embraces the spirit of the region.

Saving water not only reduces your environmental footprint, it can also save you tons of money, water bill after water bill. You don't have to give up your lawn to be green, but you might consider reducing the lawn area irrigating the remaining more efficiently. If you have decided you don't want your lawn, we can help you remove it and replace it with beautiful drought-tolerant plants.
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Modern Irrigation
& Landscaping
Modern Irrigation will:

   •Help you apply for rebates
   •Repair or replace old-fashioned sprinklers
   •Use minimally invasive repair methods
   •Reduce turf area for water savings
   •Install agricultural-quality drip irrigation
   •Implement advanced irrigation technology 
   •Install smart controllers 
   •Recommend weather- or soil-based sensors