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Modern Irrigation
& Landscaping
It's time to call us when ...

  • Your old sprinkler system is wasting water
  • You want to beautify your property but aren't sure how​
  • You need help applying for water-conservation rebates
  • You have puddles and dry spots
  • You would like to add flower beds, hedges, vines and topiaries
  • You would like to reduce or replace your lawn
  • You have purchased an older house or a new bare-dirt property
  • You would like advice on xeriscapes, local landscaping regulations and native California plants

Water agencies across the state are offering generous rebates to homeowners, commercial property owners and managers to encourage water conservation practices. For example, you could be paid $25 dollars each for replacing old, inefficient sprinkler nozzles with a new water conserving model. Or you could be reimbursed for replacing a lawn with a xeriscape. You have the option of doing the work yourself or hiring a licensed pro, while still receiving a rebate for materials. “Lawn be gone” is just one of the many programs out there. The Santa Clara Valley Water District pays you by the square foot removed and replaced with drought tolerant plants and mulch.

In addition to installing or updating irrigation systems, Modern Irrigation provides a full range of landscaping design and contracting services. Whether your vision for your home includes an herb garden, shade trees, a majestic rose garden or a charming path down to the tennis court, we will help you make it a reality.